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How it works

How does a heat treatment work?

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1. - After completely sealing specific rooms, our technicians will set up our UL listed 460 volt electric heaters.

2. - These heaters are powered by our trailer mounted diesel generator.

3. - Large fans will be placed throughout the room to circulate the super heated air.

4. - Temperature sensors will be placed throughout the room.

5. - The goal of a heat treatment is to make sure the temperature at each sensor has reached bed bug thermal death point.

6. - To make sure each item in the room has reach this point, all items will be moved or turned to prevent any cold spots.

7. - Up to four rooms can be treated simultaneously.

8. - Typical treatments take 6-8 hours from set up to tear down.

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While heat treatments have been proven to be effective, they MUST be performed by a reputable company with technicians that are trained to monitor the temperatures in the treatment area so the bed bugs are killed completely. Do it yourself treatments typically always fail do to inadequate equipment, inadequate temperatures, and improper training.

Call a professional today! A safer home is a phone call away.

John 6:35